Yakkity Yak Don’t Talk Back

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Yakkity Yak Don’t Talk Back

It seems that most kids go through a talking back stage once they hit the tween stage and it can end up lasting a very long time. In fact, it can seem like forever.

My opinion of the teen years has always been that you are successful if both you and your child survive it. Talking back can really stretch your patience and make you daydream about a boarding school in the Australian Outback.

There are ways to handle it that may shorten the intensity and duration of this malady and help you maintain your sanity long enough to enjoy your grandchildren.

The hardest thing that you will have to do is to not take this personally. It is hurtful, even devastating, when your sweet child turns on you like Linda Blair in The Exorcist and begins spewing hateful comments and forming sarcastic phrases. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself from responding in kind or reacting in any way at all.

Don’t second guess yourself – everyone goes through this to one extent or another. It can be easy to go into a tailspin wondering if your parenting skills really are nonexistent.

Keep your eyes on the big picture and be consistent even when it looks like you’re relationship with your child is spiraling into a black hole. Consistency will help maintain normalcy.

Most of all, love her when she is most difficult. Get some one on one time by taking her to lunch or out for a soda. Stay calm and you will be able to navigate through this to the calmer seas beyond.

How do you handle it when your kids talk back?

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  • http://32in32.com/ Pauline Hawkins

    Another part of this to keep in mind is that your children might be talking back to other adults, such as teachers. Even though it may be difficult to correct that behavior, keep trying. Most of my students have no idea what talking back is, so when I tell them to stop, they look at me in utter confusion. It is epidemic in high school, but unlike parents, teachers don’t have to like a smart-mouthed, disrespectful teenager. Back-talkers still get the same education, but they miss out on having healthy, mutually-respecting relationships with adults outside of their family.