Why Those Time Consuming Holiday Traditions Are Totally Worth It

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Why Those Time Consuming Holiday Traditions Are Totally Worth It

A week ago, I went to the store and bought an embarrassing amount of candy. I painstakingly cut and trimmed graham crackers.

I glued them together with royal icing until I had 20 houses and, if you count my time, the whole process cost me around $400.00

The next day, my children, grandchildren, and some friends all gathered around my long, farm style table and created unique, amazing, and quite delicious gingerbread houses. We laughed, we nibbled, and we had a blast. The whole process was worth – well it was priceless. My investment was worth it.

We have been doing a gingerbread house party on the first Friday of every December since 1993.  This year we moved it to the first Saturday to accommodate schedules. I have missed only one year in all that time.

I hosted one of the parties while I was in labor with my 6th child and gave birth to him at home a few hours after the party was over. It is a tradition.

I don’t know what will happen when my youngest child is too old for them. Considering that my 30 year old still shows up and decorates a house, I guess I will be doing these things as long as I have the strength to squeeze a tube of icing.

Most of all, I know that these parties give my kids memories that will make them smile long after I am gone.  Maybe one of them will choose to carry on the tradition, who knows?

In any case, it’s these kinds of traditions that keep us close. And that, my friends, is totally worth every penny.

Do you have any special holiday traditions?

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