Why Next Issue Should Be Your Next App and Subscription

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Why Next Issue Should Be Your Next App and Subscription

I love reading magazines. As a result of what I do for work, I get a lot of magazine subscriptions for free … that’s one of the bennies of being in the publishing world.

But I hate how much clutter they create. And I hate always needing to remember one to lug around if I’m going to be waiting somewhere. It’s just one more thing to tuck in my bag.

As a result, we always have this overflowing bin of magazines sitting next to the couch, all that need to be sorted through and recycled. Then you have the problem of “What do I do with articles I want to keep for future reference?”

To be honest, I don’t remember how I came across the app Next Issue. It might actually have been while reading the most recent issue of Real Simple. But I checked it out immediately.

Here’s the concept: you pay a monthly fee (either $10 or $15) and you get unlimited access to more than seventy magazines. Unlimited access. And if you choose the $15 subscription (Premier) you get all the back issues they have cataloged, too. All delivered right to your iPad or Android tablet, where you can read at your leisure and have a totally interactive experience.

Want to check out the music that People is reviewing? Tap on the review; you’ll hear samples. Movie trailers? Tap to watch. Like a product you see advertised? Tap to learn more.

It’s amazing. And they’re not crummy magazines you would never read. The site has Time, Real Simple, Oprah, Rachel Ray, Wired, SELF, Cooking Light … the list goes on and on. AND, you can get a free 30-day trial.

I was hooked on Next Issue after the first day of my trial. I’ve recommended it to friends and they all love it too … though one friend said her husband did the math and explained that she’s actually paying $200 a year for magazines, which is more than she’d ever spend regularly. And that’s true for me too I supposed.

But I’m thinking about it several ways; I’m reducing my clutter, I can pay for it by getting rid of a few things I don’t really use but seem to pay for anyway (that’s one thing I hate about subscription services), three people in our family are using it because they have magazines that all of us like (even the teenager!), and it’s a little luxury I’m allowing myself.

After all, how often do I get to curl up with a cup of tea and an issue of People to read about Brad and Angie’s wedding plans? That would be never, because I never have it in my house.

Plus, we don’t have cable television and I’m not always in the mood to immerse myself in a book.

So, I think everyone should, at the very least, take the free 30-day trial of Next Issue. You won’t be disappointed. And, if you totally hate it, you can cancel at any time.

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