Who Is the Smarty Pants in Your Family?

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Who Is the Smarty Pants in Your Family?

One of my favorite family-friendly trivia games for the Nintendo Wii is Smarty Pants. One of the reasons is that this game offers solo, friends, and family play modes.

The solo mode lets you practice before playing with your friends or family. In the friends mode, Smarty Pants acts like a TV game show. When you know an answer, you buzz in by pressing and holding the A button.

In family mode, players are assigned different levels of questions based on their age. If a player is taking too long to answer a question, other players can help out by shaking, dancing, jumping, or waving the remote to make the timer move more slowly.

To level the playing field between participants, the game includes questions covering a wide range of topics. Questions can be tailored to the age of the person playing, which is great for a family with both younger and older children. Examples of questions for adults include:

  • What art movement is Salvador Dali associated with?
  • Which constitutional amendment prevents double jeopardy?
  • What card should be removed from a regular deck of cards to play Old Maid?

The only thing that really bothers me about this particular game is that the answers only flash briefly if you get the question wrong. If I’m curious about something, I hate having to Google the question to find out what the correct answer is.

Since Smarty Pants is an older game, I’d suggest looking for a used copy at a store like GameStop. Used copies are cheaper than new games and they come with a guarantee, so you can return them if they are scratched or won’t play for some reason.

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