Where to Buy Labels For Kids Stuff

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I’ve recently been advised that my little girl needs labels. This is something you don’t really think of as a stay-at-home mom. But, when you enter the world of day care, camp or school it becomes something you’ll get all too familiar with: labeling your kid’s stuff.

You might be getting ready for summer camp or trying to get a head start on things you’ll need for school in the fall. Whatever the reason, here are some places you can find really adorable labels for your kid’s clothes, shoes, sippy cups, bottles – anything your tot carries (or wears) out the house that you want to come home.

Mabels Labels: great just for their name! But seriously, they have cute labels that iron on or stick on to just about anything. Think about all those sand toys that congregate and the hassle of trying to identify your child’s…well, label it with a water proof label and fret no longer.

And, Mabel’s bag tags are good, too. Kinda like dog tags but better looking. Their designs are simple if not on the boring side, but I like simple so these labels are right up my alley. Oh, and as a cool touch, they have “Mama” cards…a business card for mom, but much less serious and stuffy.

Oliver’s Labels: we were given Oliver’s sticky labels as a present about a year ago from my sister and used them on sippy cups. Remarkably, a year later, they are still attached and look like I just applied them, even through multiple turns in the dishwasher.

At the time I received the labels thought, how quaint…but now I see the utter importance! Oliver’s has regular labels, mini labels, bag tags and even photo labels (though, to my eye, these look strange). As for designs, they have many many options, even a Burberry-inspired label that is so tacky it’s actually cute. The coolest thing about Oliver’s is that they have a “found it code” so that if someone finds a wayward shoe (or hat or labeled item) they can tell Oliver’s and report it.

Stuck on You: Now these guys seem like a HUGE outfit. You have to select your country first before you order your labels and they list an incredible array of countries they service. And, once I selected USA, I found a dizzying array of labels to choose from.

Cute designs, too. Not too sugary sweet, not dull. Better than your typical pink for girls, blue for boys. And, if you’re a neat freak, you can order a label for just about anything having to do with your kid or your home. No joke.

Cherry Hill: And for the other side of the coin, these guys seem like a neighborhood label maker. The kind of place you want to stop into on your way home. I don’t know why it feels this way to me, but it does. I ordered a set of iron-on labels from them because I liked their designs the best. Very clean lined, very simple but also sweet enough for my daughter to see her name in her stuff and think, “Yeah! That’s me!”

So, that’s just a smattering of label makers out there. However, I found these to be the companies that have the most kid AND mom friendly designs. Check ‘em out and if you know of other places that fit the bill, please let me know!

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