When the Unexpected Happens During Surgery

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When the Unexpected Happens During Surgery

A New York jury ruled that an obstetrician, Dr. Stephen Brown, is not liable for his former patient’s, Kira Reed, abdomen catching on fire during a C-section.

The fire was the result of a surgical tool igniting an alcohol-based antiseptic applied to the patient’s skin. The horrifying incident left her with a third-degree burn.

The Supreme Court decided the case in favor of Dr. Brown regarding the 2010 surgery at Crouse Hospital. The jury found Brown was not responsible for prepping Reed for the surgery, the Post-Standard reported.

This is, by far, one of the craziest surgery room horror stories that I have ever heard of happening. I’m glad I didn’t hear about this before giving birth either time or I’m pretty sure I would have been so terrified they would have had to knock me out 1970’s style.

You just never know what can happen when you go to the hospital. I’ve heard stories about people going to the hospital for minor surgery and walking out with a staph infection that kills them, that we are prepared for now. We are aware of that so precautions are taken.

But what do you do when something unexpected happens, when there was no negligence and it was just really bad luck. There is no one to blame. It was an accident but now, thanks to this case, we all know that the particular antiseptic is truly flammable and should not be used by any surgical tool that ignites a spark.

Do you think the doctor is culpable or was it just a case of unprecedented bad luck?

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  • Sedona Cole

    I find it hard to believe that a doctor would be considered not responsible this tragic situation. If the doctor isn’t the one responsible for his patient, then who is? And even if the solution is flammable, it should not be hot enough to cause a spark one would think. As for the rise of staph infections these days, it helps if you’re a microbiologist, as Michelle Moore created her own natural, solution after antibiotics did not work for her own staph infection!