When Pregnancy Hormones Attack

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When Pregnancy Hormones Attack

A six-month pregnant mom-to-be, Holly Solomon, was not happy with the election results. Not one bit.

She was so pissed, in fact, that when she found out that her husband did not vote in the presidential election, she ran him over with her Jeep SUV as punishment for not voting.

She had told her husband that in the swing states every vote counted, and if he didn’t vote, Obama could be re-elected. He didn’t take her seriously and she ran his ass over in a parking lot in Arizona. Oh those wild and crazy Republicans.

We all know that hormones make you crazy, but this is insane. I don’t think her “with child” insanity plea will hold up in court. Well, maybe if she has 3 cranky screaming toddlers at home?

She told officers that she only wanted to scare her husband, not kill him. Yet, he still ended up pinned underneath her vehicle and remains in critical condition.

I wonder what she would have done if she seriously wanted to kill him? Hit him with a Mack truck?

Authorities say that Mrs. Solomon was not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. This may be true but obviously, none of these officers have ever been pregnant or had a wife who was pregnant.

We all know that being under the influence of pregnancy hormones is like handing your life over to a petulant teenager with not enough sleep and really bad skin. You never know what the hell might happen.

Did you have crazy pregnancy hormones? I didn’t, not really but that’s not saying too much, after all, I am prone to hormonal imbalances. I do remember having the craziest sex dreams with a side of 6 months of mind-blowing morning sickness, but that wasn’t so bad; at least no one got hurt except for my appetite.

I’ve read that the hormone surges at the beginning of pregnancy are what really wreak havoc on the mommy-to-be’s mental state. Hormones combined with morning sickness that is. I mean, who could expect us to be tolerant and Suzy sunshine when we are vomiting, hungry and weepy.

Of course, the last trimester, we have every right to be a hormonal mess as well. The morning sickness is gone but we are huge, we are uncomfortable, our entire life is about to change, we’ve not slept in months and we’re terrified of what comes next – labor and delivery. Who could blame us for being irrational and irritable?

But the second trimester, isn’t that supposed to be the fun zone? You finally stop puking every time you brush your teeth, you are barely gaining any weight, you’re happy, excited and having those rocking sleep orgasms.

You’ve got the glow and you can enjoy your pregnancy. Let’s face it, anything is up from the last three months of hell you went through in the first trimester.

So, maybe Holly Solomon just didn’t like her husband that much to begin with, or maybe he was a real jackass who deserved it, or maybe she was just really, really pissed that President Obama was re-elected?

Either way, I hope everyone ends up okay and let this be a lesson to the men out there – don’t mess with a pregnant woman in an SUV.

What was the most irrational thing you did while pregnant?

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