When Do You Let Daughters Wear Makeup?

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When Do You Let Daughters Wear Makeup?

I have been through this twice so far and have one more to go, but the question always catches me off guard.

“When can I wear makeup?’

A couple of months ago my youngest daughter, a mere babe of nine, asked me totally out of the blue when she could start shaving her legs. She pointed out the scattered, fine tufts of soft baby hair with a look of disgust.

Really? Shave your legs at nine?

She has already asked about makeup. Once in awhile I will take her with me to get a mani-pedi and have a little one on one time. I don’t mind her having some light polish on fingers and toes. I am just not ready for mascara, lip gloss, and all that other stuff. The idea scares me.

I have two daughters that are grown up, one 17 and one 31. They are model pretty – they turn heads no matter where they are. I see that beauty in my little one – she is adorable now, but it won’t be very long before she is causing hearts to race among the male population just like her sisters do.

I think 14 is a pretty good time to start with some lip gloss and maybe a little mascara. It’s about the time that girls start high school and I think it helps them to feel more confident. That’s about the same time I let them start wearing heels.

As far as the leg shaving? I leave that alone. There will come a time where she will pick up a razor and apply it to her legs without my knowing it. These things signal that we are approaching the end of childhood – and she is my last. In this case, what I don’t know won’t hurt me.

What about you? Do you have an optimum age for beginning to wear makeup?

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    I agree that 13 or 14 is more of an appropriate age for makeup, but even then I would want to keep it light.