What Do They Mean “If You Gain Weight During Pregnancy”?

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What Do They Mean “If You Gain Weight During Pregnancy”?

I was reading an article about pregnancy and thanking God that I am (hopefully) past that season of my life, when I saw the link to another article entitled, Women who gain weight during pregnancy are more likely to give birth to heavier babies.

Do you know that the title seriously made me stop and read the words twice?

I realized that they meant to say, women who gain too much weight…, but even so, it was an odd title.

I am trying to imagine the inexperienced male doctor who would have the chutzpah to look into the eyes of a woman who is seven or eight months pregnant and say those magic words —

You are gaining too much weight.

I imagine he would be much more careful about what he said to his pregnant patients after he got out of traction and intensive care, don’t you?

I have birthed eight children ranging in weight from just under nine pounds to just over eleven. I didn’t set out to gain a lot of weight, and technically I don’t think I did gain too much weight, whatever that is. I just had big babies.

And I have a newsflash for the medical society. Pain is pain, and having a baby just under nine pounds hurts as badly as having one just over eleven. Maybe more so, because you get poked with those scrawny elbows on the way out.

I get that you shouldn’t overeat, that you should exercise, and that you need to be in shape for the work of labor and delivery, but the last thing I needed to hear when I was in that state was that I had gained too much weight.

Did you have trouble keeping your weight down when you were pregnant or did you even worry about it?

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    I tried not to worry about it. It’s such an exhausting time and with hormones all crazy it is easy to stress out. I don;t think our first worry while pregnant is to no gain too much weight.