Very Last Minute Stocking Stuffers Your Teenage Daughter Won’t Hate

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Very Last Minute Stocking Stuffers Your Teenage Daughter Won’t Hate

Teen daughters are difficult, but stocking stuffers that teen daughters won’t hate are impossible – almost impossible.

First they have to be cool. That is hard enough because, as you know, no matter how cool you were in high school your coolness factor bottomed out the minute your daughter hit age nine or ten. At that point you were demoted to merely mom.

Next, you have to make sure that they are not similar to anything anyone else has, but are not too different either. Finally, they must be cutting edge – preferably featured prominently on one of your daughter’s favorite shows. Considering these change from week to week, good luck with that.

Keeping all of that in mind, here is a list of possibilities that you can pick up during the very last hours of Christmas Eve or the very earliest hours of Christmas Day. Good luck.

Baby Lips

This is the lip balm to have in your purse. It is to my 17 year old what Kissing Potion Strawberry Flavored Lip Gloss was to me in 1975. It is manufactured by Maybelline and comes in several varieties. As far as I know, all are acceptable.

  • Quenched
  • Peach Kiss
  • Cherry Me
  • Peppermint
  • Pink Punch

Because it is Maybelline, you can pick it up at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, or where ever you happen to be.

Sugar Scrubs

Body scrubs exfoliate and keep skin looking radiant. Right now, sugar scrubs are the way to go – and there isn’t really an uncool sugar scrub out there.

You probably won’t be able to find one at the convenience store but any pharmacy or even grocery store should have at least one kind. Best thing to do is to get several one time use packs – perfect for stockings.

Nail Polish

Nail polish is can’t miss. Show your trendsetting moxy by filling her stocking with milky pale shades that are the forecast for Spring 2013. Metallics are also being shown on the runways.

If she rolls her eyes and tells you how uncool you are, roll your eyes right back at her and tell her Bazaar said so. Add some brightly colored nail pens so she can recreate the designs her favorite celebrities are brandishing on their own nails. Drop Zooey Deschanel’s name a couple of times.


Candy is a no brainer. For some reason, my teens all like the nasty sour kind. You may have kids that are reasonable in their tastes. Get them a bag or two of their favorite.

Fast Food and Gasoline Gift Certificates 

Almost all of the fast food places have gift certificates for sale. The same goes for gas stations. If you have teenagers, these two items are always perfect, always easy to get, always a no brainer.

Favorite Magazine

Buy a copy of her favorite magazine and tuck it into her stocking. Better yet, grab the subscription card and get her a subscription – note that she now has a subscription to the magazine in a post-it note on the cover.

While shopping for the perfect gift takes time, shopping for the perfect stocking stuffer doesn’t have to.

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