Vaccinations Not Just for the Poor

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Would you deny your child vaccinations? There is a growing trend in the wealthier areas of the United States where parents are willfully denying their children access to vaccinations in an attempt to keep them “pure”.

I understand not vaccinating because of religious beliefs, medical research that is unclear with the cause and effect between vaccinations and autism that scares some parents, or even as a lifestyle choice, but I still wouldn’t choose to forgo vaccinating my children because I feel the risk is greater than the reward.

There is a growing trend among wealthy parents, especially in California, to not inoculate their children. Some of the elitist private schools in our country have a vaccination compliance rate as low as 20 percent. That is 80% unvaccinated.

This scares me because then not only are the children who are not inoculated in danger of contracting what should be long gone childhood diseases, that our bodies don’t have natural antibodies to, but they are also putting children who have been vaccinated at higher risk of coming into contact with those diseases.

While it is truly every parents right to choose to vaccinate or not, it seems a bit irresponsible to me if you don’t vaccinate simply because you can choose not to.

Even more scary is that these children who are not vaccinated can pass these childhood diseases to adults they come in contact to. While chicken pox for a child may be a mild inconvenience, chicken pox can kill an adult.

But this latest trend of class privilege and wealth equaling no vaccinations because the wealthy want to separate themselves from the middle class is stupid and dangerous. All it takes is one kid to single-handedly bring back polio or wipe out entire wealthy regions of the country with meningitis.

Have you seen meningitis in action? I have. It can kill a kid in a weekend and it doesn’t care if you have a million dollars or are homeless.

What the elitist parents fail to recognize is that it is not the vaccination that is the great equalizer between the classes, but the diseases that the vaccination prevents. Diseases don’t discriminate and it has no care or concern for wealth, race or religion; it only sees an opening and takes it.

Make no mistake, not vaccinating is leaving an open door for disease to walk right in and destroy the place. There is no money in the world that can protect your child from disease if you can’t even be bothered to take preventative action to protect them. The phrase ‘an ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure’ is not just a saying.

I know the wealthy want to separate themselves from the middle and lower classes. It is a story as old as time, but choosing against vaccinating your child is not where you want to differentiate yourselves. Keep buying the bigger houses and driving the nicer car than the general population because you have earned it, but please vaccinate your children.

Do you think vaccinations should be optional or government mandated?

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    Until a vaccination is 100% side effect free, I think they should be optional. Sadly we are now vaccinating for so many things routinely that we never used to vaccinate for, like chicken pox and the flu, where we used to rely on the body’s own immune system to do the job. I know of a child who got whooping cough anyway, and a child who got the measles anyway, and my own son who got the chicken pox after having been supposedly vaccinated (and a way worse case than his brother who had not been vaccinated yet). I have to believe vaccines aren’t as effective as they are made out to be.

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