The Mommy Files: Unique Gift Wrapping

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The Mommy Files: Unique Gift Wrapping

So I’ll be really honest here: my gifts aren’t even close to being wrapped.

And when I say “not even close” I mean, “I haven’t even purchased wrapping paper.”

But here’s the thing. I find wrapping paper to be one of the biggest scams ever. Never in my life (besides created Hallmark holidays like Valentine’s Day) have I see such a rip-off. You pay money for paper with which to wrap gifts that is only going to get shredded Christmas morning and then either stuffed in a giant trash bag or sent to the recycling incinerator.

How does that even make sense?

As a result, the last few years have found me looking for more creative ways to wrap gifts. At first, my oldest daughter and my husband chided me for being “cheap,” but now they kind of find it endearing. Plus, the gift recipients are often excited to see a package that isn’t so commercialized under the tree.

I’ve never actually tried the art of Japanese furoshiki, but I find the idea intriguing. The idea is to wrap something to transport it … in this case, to a gift recipient. Using fabric that can then be used for something else, it’s almost like a double gift.

For kids, putting gifts inside of balloons is super-creative and also something I had never thought of. And while this doesn’t exactly help with the waste issue, it is cute (you have to admit).

Old maps are great for travelers (whenever I’m in a city with a subway system, I always snatch a pile of maps), sheet music is great for those that love a good tune, and newspaper is awesome for just about everyone (this version, in particular, is a favorite of mine; I love the tags!).

Do you buy in to gift wrap? Or do you prefer a more creative method of presenting gifts?

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