Type 2 Diabetes on the Increase Among Children

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Type 2 Diabetes on the Increase Among Children

Until the 1990s, Type 2 Diabetes was rare in children. Since that time both obesity and the disease that used to be called Adult Onset Diabetes has increased at an alarming rate.

And the sad thing is that, unlike Type 1 Diabetes, it is pretty easily preventable in most cases. A healthy diet, plenty of exercise, and all those other things that used to be normal in childhood in past decades actually helps to prevent it.

Current research suggests that 1/3 of the children born in America after the year 2000 will develop Type 2 Diabetes. One in three children will begin a life that consists of constant monitoring of their blood sugar levels and a strict vigil over the foods that they eat. One in three children will have the disease and have to be careful of the complications that come with it.

Most of those will have trouble keeping their blood sugar levels where they need to be. Maybe it’s because they are kids and just can’t walk away from sweets and high carb snacks but it is much more difficult to control in children than in adults. Go figure.

You know, it is pretty common to see overweight children where I live. I don’t understand it for a lot of reasons. Some of these kids are breathless walking around the store. You can see that they are putting a lot of strain on their knees by the way that they walk. Usually the parents are overweight as well, and I guess it is chalked up to a family thing.

I do believe that people have different metabolisms and some gain weight more readily than others. I had a thyroidectomy in 2009 which left me with the metabolism of a sloth.

My kids, on the other hand, have metabolisms of hummingbirds on amphetamines. They can eat things I can’t. They can take in more sweets than I can. Dang it, they can even eat chips by the bowlful. I can either maintain my health by being honest about what I am able to eat or I can try to keep up with their constant grazing and end up obese and a candidate for Diabetes 2.

It seems that it should be easier with kids. Parents can tell them no. They can choose not to take them to fast food restaurants. They can introduce their children to the flavor of a fresh salad and the joy of riding your bike so fast that the scenery blurs.

Diabetes is awful whether it is Type 1 or 2. Maybe it is time that parents learned a lesson from the parents of the Atomic Age. Three healthy meals at home, drink your milk, and play outside. If you eat your veggies you can have a cookie.

Take a serious look at your family and be honest. If your kids are getting chubby, make the changes that you need to make in order to protect them now.

If that is all it takes to protect our children from a disease that they will suffer with their whole lives, why aren’t we doing it?

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