Tinkle Tube for Potty Training Boys

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Tinkle Tube for Potty Training Boys

Potty training boys is different than girls. I think one of the reasons it is a little harder is that moms can’t show them what to do by example. We used a little step stool and he did learn to stand at the toilet and pee like dad. Learning to aim took a little practice.

The drawback is when you’re out and about and you’re your son says, “I’ve got to go potty.” There’s no step stool, and if you try to hold them over the toilet it’s a mess.

A few years back, a father ran into the same situation. He took his toddler to a ballgame and they were having a great outing until the boy had to go potty. His dad took him to the public restroom. His son wasn’t tall enough to use the urinal.

He moved to one of the stalls but the toilet was filthy. The only option was to hold his son over the toilet. The little guy wet himself and his dad as he tried to aim toward the toilet. What a mess!

Potty training a boy

That experience set the dad on a search for help for the situation, but he didn’t find it. His name is Ryan Strayer, Co-Founder of Baby Rock Apparel. He took up the task himself and came up with his own invention called the Tinkle Tube which he offers through the Baby Rock Apparel line.

It’s an 8″ plastic tube that works as an extension that allows a parent to actually control the aim of the flow. All you have to do is pull the child’s pants down and have your child tinkle into the tube while you aim it.

The tube has removable plastic caps on each end that are removed while using. When you’re finished using it, it is easily rinsed out, the caps are put on each end for carrying. When you get home, you clean it with soap and water.

In this case, necessity was the mother of invention.

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