Thrifty Lego Storage Ideas

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Thrifty Lego Storage Ideas

My son has been addicted to Legos for the past four years. Thanks to a network of very generous grandparents, aunts, and uncles, he’s amassed an impressive collection of these toy bricks.

I love the creativity he shows when he’s building skyscrapers, robots, and other Lego creations. What I don’t love is all those tiny little pieces all over the floor!

Since our budget doesn’t allow for fancy Lego storage containers, we’ve been forced to be creative. Currently, his Legos are in a large footlocker picked up during the back-to-school sale at Walmart.

The footlocker has a series of shoeboxes taped together to create divided compartments for the different Lego pieces. On the top of the footlocker, we’ve hot glued three Lego baseplates together so he has a large building surface to play with.

We have a fabric Lego themed bin that was a gift with purchase from a Toy ‘R Us promotion that he uses to keep the bricks that he’s currently working with.

Every few days, we sort the bricks back into the correct spots in the footlocker. (Having this intermediate step in the sorting system seems to be important for letting him be creative with what he is building!)

For Lego minifigures, we have a display board made by gluing 2×2 bricks to a framed cardboard backing. The figures can be neatly displayed, but they’re still easily removable.

Although my son doesn’t often try to rebuild models from the different sets we’ve purchased, I’ve held onto the instruction books just in case he changes his mind.

I have them organized in binders filled with plastic sheet protectors. We have one binder for the Lego Star Wars sets and one binder for all of the other Lego sets. (My son shares his father’s love for Star Wars, so they make up the bulk of his Lego collection.)

If you have kids who love Legos, what storage methods do you use to keep everything in order?

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