Thoughtful Gifts for New Moms

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Thoughtful Gifts for New Moms

With the holidays fast approaching, you might find yourself searching for some thoughtful gifts for mom friends who have recently added on to their families. Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for the new mom:

  • Gift certificate for housecleaning services – When you have a newborn, there’s really not a lot of time left over for vacuuming and dusting. Having someone else step in to do these tasks will be much appreciated.
  • Home cooked frozen meals – Frozen casseroles or other meals that she can just heat and serve will be much appreciated for those nights when she’s just too tired to cook.
  • Membership to a gym with that has childcare services – If she has been talking about wanting to get back into shape, this would be a great way to make it easier for her to work out on a regular basis. Skip this idea if she hasn’t mentioned working out though, since you don’t want her to feel like you’re judging her post-baby body.
  • Gift certificate for family photos – Every new mom wants a special family photo, but not all families can swing the cost of a professional photographer when they’re faced with all of the other expenses that come with having a newborn. My grandparents paid for family photos when my son was born and it was one of the nicest gifts I remember receiving.
  • Babysitting services – If you need an inexpensive gift idea for a new mom, offer to watch the baby so she can go grocery shipping in peace or enjoy a nice night on the town with her husband. If she’s nursing or just not comfortable leaving her newborn home alone, offer to take her older children someplace fun so she can have a little one-on-one time with the baby.
  • Funny parenting books – The last thing a new mom needs in her sleep deprived state is a book telling her that she’s doing it all wrong. But, a funny parenting book that makes her feel better about the ups and downs of having a baby will be much appreciated. I’d recommend Confessions of a Scary Mommy by Jill Smokler.

What are your favorite gift ideas for new moms?

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  • Julie C.

    These are all great. You know what I need? Gift ideas for “old” moms! They have everything! So hard to buy for.