The Truth About Your Kid’s Runny Nose

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The Truth About Your Kid’s Runny Nose

It’s cold season … without a doubt.

Our toddler has had a cold since September … and I feel like the damn thing is never going to go away.

Now, in my head, every single other cold that’s happened in this house since she first got hers has been all her fault. It’s true. I’m a bad mom in that way.

I was complaining to my grams about it and given all sorts of advice: “stop passing it back and forth, eat some chicken noodle soup, and make sure your hair is dry when you go out.”

Mind you, this is the same advice she’s been giving me since I was 13.

So I decided to asked the professional (also known as our pediatrician) how accurate gram’s sage words of wisdom were (because I suspect there’s a lot of us that have heard the same three pieces of advice from older family members).

Here’s what she told me: possibly, no, and maybe.


Let me break that down.

Are we passing it around the house? Possibly. But she said the truth is, we’ve most likely all picked up other bugs, so even though it seems like we’ve just had the same colds for months, we’ve actually been suffering from different bugs.

And why is that, I wondered. Because when you have a cold, you build up a temporary immunity.

Will gram’s chicken noodle soup help? Because after all, that’s what’s cured my grampie’s colds for the last 70+ years. Her 92-year-old self has been delivering the stuff in vats.

Our pediatrician has assured us that eating homemade chicken noodle soup will certainly warm our souls, but it won’t cure our colds. But I’m not going to be the one to break that news to grams.

And finally, the dreaded wet head. My biggest issue with going outside with a wet head is that I get icicles at the ends. But gram swears this will get you a cold every time.

But the doctor only gave that one a “maybe,” saying that while cold can theoretically weaken the immune system, it’s unlikely enough to cause a cold.

So, what’s the final answer? A cold is a cold is a cold. Use a vaporizer at night and tea with a bit of honey for the coughs. Oh, and keep them home if they have a fever or anything greenish running out of their noses. Unfortunately there’s no short-cuts to curing a cold.

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