The Push Pack by Small Batch Studio

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The Push Pack by Small Batch Studio

Sometime during that last six weeks of your pregnancy, it’s a good idea to pack your hospital bag. With my first child, I didn’t pack one until my water broke.

With my second a decade later, I packed about a week before my due date. And in both cases, I packed the bare minimums … comfy nursing shirts and yoga pants, a book to read, my favorite blanket, and some showering stuff.

Oh, and a tennis ball (which, by the way, proves invaluable when you’re having back labor). I didn’t really need much more than that because the hospital provided everything else.

So I find the Push Pack by Small Batch Studio to be an interesting concept.

It includes all sorts of sample-sized items that new moms will want and use, like lavender-scented shampoo, a shaving cream and razor (though truthfully, I wasn’t thinking about that the day after delivery), toothpaste and toothbrush, maxi pads, breast pads, disposable underwear, socks, playing cards, nipple cream, thank you cards, a cup of oatmeal with a spoon and some Preggie Pops.

There’s a few other goodies too, but you get the idea.

All in all, it’s a cute kit. But is it worth $65? Granted, all of the products are organic and all-natural. And don’t get me wrong, I think this would make an excellent shower gift.

But I don’t think I’d buy it for myself. Not when I have some of this stuff on hand, and I know for a fact that the hospital provides all of the other stuff. And frankly, when you’re in the hospital, you don’t seem to have time to write thank you cards … you’re too busy enjoying your new baby!

I would classify this as a “maybe” for new moms. What do you think? The website seems geared toward the idea of this being a gift … for either a first-time mom or a mom with little ones already running around (and, in theory, doesn’t have time to pack a hospital bag), but I don’t know.

Have you used the Push Pack or purchased it as a gift? I’d be curious to hear your thoughts!

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  • Stephani Van Dyk

    I received the Push Pack as a gift with my second child and I have since turned it into my “go to” gift for all pregnant women that I know. If they aren’t having a baby shower I find another time to give it to them as a gift. Sure, you might have some similar items on hand, or some hospitals might provide some of the items, but I can guarantee the quality wont be the same! It was such a nice luxury to have everything packed for me in one beautiful package. I didn’t have to think about what to bring to the hospital, I didn’t have to go searching for it all over my house or even set some aside ahead of time, it was ALL in my Push Pack! Between me and my husband we used everything in there, I was actually EXCITED to use that razor! I could finally see my feet :)

    To sum up, I absolutely LOVE the Push Pack! I felt so pampered when I used it and I love being able to give that feeling to other Moms. It also eliminated the task of pack for the hospital, woo hoo!!! I recommend it every chance I can.

  • Kelly Richie

    I wish I had the Push Pack when I delivered my babies. An amazing concept and the PERFECT shower gift. It is everything you need, top quality and beautiful packaging! It is seriously a perfect gift, one stop shop and makes it so much easier for the mother, one less thing to worry about! Plus, she will know everything she needs is covered!

  • Lane

    I love this idea and would have really benefited if I had received one as a gift at my shower – which was the day before my daughter was born at 36 weeks! I was totally not prepared – or packed – and this would have really helped! Love that the items are all nice quality too!

  • Lisa Cash Hanson

    When my baby girl Matilda was born and she tried to push her way for 4 days before she actually came out I would be happy to have someone else get everything together for me LOL I think it’s a great idea and in a world where baby products are hundreds of dollars $65 is no big deal.

  • Julie C.

    How many days are you guys in the hospital? Seriously, I was sent home within 24 hours of both babies. Barely enough time to get a meal or two, and a few hours of rest before heading home. I think I may have had a shower, but most women aren’t up to a shampoo or shaving their legs! LOL

  • Carly D.

    I had an emergency induction 2 days early. I was not packed for the hospital and was told “go home, take care of what you need, and be back to have this baby in an hour.” I was SO thankful that I had the PushPack at home. I didn’t have to worry about forgetting my toothbrush, etc. It was all there. (And I was especially thankful for the snacks in the bag when the food at the hospital took WAY too long!) Yes, the hospital gave me pads, etc. but I found myself digging into the Push Pack in a panic after I was home and suddenly realized I was out of pads and had to make a trip to Target! :) For me, the Push Pack was definitely a convenience that I appreciated!

  • Carly D.

    Oops, that should be 2 WEEKS early. 2 days early and I’d be embarrassed that I wasn’t packed yet! ; )

  • Alma

    I had 2 preemies and both times was not prepared for either child (4 weeks
    and 8 weeks, respectively). This could have been helpful and a
    definitely must-have. Already an expectant mom has enough to worry about
    while pregnant and on the verge of giving birth, no need to worry about
    your hospital bag when all you need is to grab the Push Pack.

  • Karen

    I was emailing, shopping and working 10 hours after baby #3, #4 and #5- so I think having MORE is better than having not enough. The hospital likely does not have all these little essentials we need while giving birth…plus I love the fact that the items are organic.

    I would use it!

  • Romy

    Love this idea. So wish someone got this for me as a gift. One less thing for me to think about between caring for my older child and working. Grab and go. Like!!

  • Betsy

    I totally love love love this product! I wish that this was around when I had my son, everything in this bag is what I was missing! I know I will be getting one of these when baby #2 comes along… you wont’ forget a thing if you have The Push Pack by Small Batch Studio! This is now on my baby shower MUST GIVE list!

  • Leah-Real

    I have to disagree with this being a product I wouldn’t buy for myself. I LOVED not having to worry about what I was packing to bring with me… I actually delivered at home on emergency with the help of firemen. I didn’t have my bag packed yet! As baby and I were on our way by ambulance to the hospital, all I needed to do was tell my husband to grab some clothes and the Push Pack! I did receive it as a gift but would gladly buy it for myself again.
    In one of the reviews, someone asks how many days some of us are in the hospital for… I was Strep B+. Since I delivered at home and didn’t have the chance to get the pre-delivery antibiotics, baby and I were kept for 2 days before we could go home. The Push Pack had everything that I needed and the razor was a perfect addition!
    One of my girlfriends will deliver her baby in April 2013 and I already have her Push Pack to give her at her shower. The Push Pack in my opinion is a MUST have!

  • Denise

    As a labor and delivery nurse, I think this is a brilliant product. So many times people come in unexpected and they aren’t prepared. The push-pack would take the stress out of not being ready. I had three kids and I always packed at the last minute. Luckily I never went into labor early! Super gift idea:)

  • kathy

    My mother-in-law gave me this present before my second child was born. I think she wanted to give me something to be part of the birth but keep her safe distance – shes just like that. I loved having something in the hospital room to root around and look through for good stuff. The push pack is the gift I give to my pregnant friends.

  • StrongCoffee

    I only thought to pack my nightie…I didn’t really know what to expect. I was so lucky a girlfriend sent me a push pack. It had all those things I desperately needed. It was my first time giving birth, the push pack had things inside I wasn’t familiar with, but immediately needed! The push pack is really a mommy-to-be must in the delivery room! Such a thoughtful gift from my girlfriend. I’ll be doing the same for my other mommy-to-be friends!


    I love this — I don’t know if I would buy it for myself, but it definitely is the perfect gift to give the new mom when you visit at the hospital!

  • Small Batch Studio

    Hey Stacy! We’ve come up with a second generation Push Pack with a new price point of $44.95. We’ve also launched our Princess Push Pack featuring a beautiful Apple and Bee toiletry bag for just $78. Check it out ;)