The Night Before New Year’s

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The Night Before New Year’s

New Years has traditionally been an adult only holiday – at least when I was growing up. Christmastime was fun and family, but when it was over and New Year’s came along, it was all about cocktails and staying up late.

While I was permitted to stay up to “watch the ball drop in Times Square”, I usually opted for bed because by that point my parents and their guests were laughing wildly at things that weren’t funny, as far as I could see.

I always tried to do family parties, but they were basically pretty boring.

The Night Before New Year’s, by Natasha Wing, offers a look at New Year’s Eve from a child’s point of view. Written for ages three and up, it is an excellent, fun explanation of what the celebration on New Year’s Eve is all about.

Can the children, tummies full on all kinds of goodies, really manage to stay awake to see in the New Year? Your child will love finding out in this story.

There are plenty of books for other holidays, but New Year’s is rarely geared toward kids. This story makes it easy to make this holiday special for your children, too.

It’s not War and Peace – don’t expect an unpredictable plot with lots of twists and turns. It is a cute picture book that your kids will probably want to hear again and again.

I like to make this type of story come alive for my kids, so I’ll plan to make party hats and cupcakes for after we read the book. At least the first time; after that they are on their own.

How do you make New Year’s Eve special for your kids? Leave a comment and give the rest of us some ideas!

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