The Mommy Files: Using Your Crockpot

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The Mommy Files: Using Your Crockpot

As a kid, our crockpot was always out. It was like a staple fixture on our pink countertops.

As an adult, mine isn’t always out, but I do use it quite frequently; and for more than cooking a roaster chicken and making soup stock.

If you don’t own a crockpot, it’s high time to buy one. They aren’t expensive and you can make everything from oatmeal and casseroles to soap and crayons in them. And no, I’m not kidding.

Easily the best investment in my kitchen.

This article by Linda Larsen can get you started with your crockpot and even gives you tips on making your purchase. And through a Pinterest search for something totally unrelated, I came across Stephanie O’Dea’s website called A Year of Slow Cooking where she’s made just about everything imaginable using her trusty crockpot.

To find recipes, all you need to do is Google “crockpot recipes” or even visit your local bookstore where you’ll find all kinds of books on the subject. The Fix-It and Forget-It series is probably the most well-known series out there, and they do have some excellent recipes. But don’t be afraid to make alternative things (such as crayons) in your pot, too.

The added bonus of crockpot cooking? Most of what you make will also freeze well, meaning you can throw the leftovers in the freezer and have a meal already prepared for those nights when life is just too hectic to even consider whipping up some culinary concoction.

What’s your favorite thing to make in your crockpot? At what point did you decide your crockpot was a worthy addition to your kitchen?

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    I did not know you could make soap in a crockpot… now that sounds like fun!

  • Pauline Hawkins

    We just started using ours again, and I’m so thankful. It’s so easy that my husband takes care of it before he goes to work, since he has more time in the mornings. Our favorite meal so far is BBQ Ribs.

  • MomHomeGuide

    I am using my crockpot for dinner tonight! All I did was put some ribs in the crockpot this morning and pour a bottle of barbecue sauce on it and set it on low. Soon (about 8 hours later), we will have really tender, delicious ribs!

  • MomHomeGuide

    That’s our favorite, too! We also like corned beef in the crockpot.