The Mommy Files: Throw A Kick-A$$ Kids’ Party On a Dime

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The Mommy Files: Throw A Kick-A$$ Kids’ Party On a Dime

So here’s the thing … kid’s birthday parties are a dime a dozen.

And you can go to any Target, Walmart, or Kmart and buy tons of commercially-themed birthday party crap … but what about throwing a cool party for your kid

And one that doesn’t cost a pretty penny. Birthday parties shouldn’t be stressful and they don’t have to be elaborate, yet we make them way … and why? To show what great parents we are?

Pssh. Get real.

From making your own pinatas to sending everyone home with their own potted plant (instead of party favors), you can have a great party, not pull your hair out, and not spend a fortune.

These make-your-own-party favor ideas will keep kids entertained and save you from buying (and stuffing) tons of chintzy gift bags.

Take these ideas for toddler parties (a parade party anyone???) and get to work. None of these take much prep and they take very little cash. The best part? The preschoolers are busy the entire time, meaning the parents might get to sneak in some much-needed social time.

Money Crashers has come up with 7 Frugal Kids Birthday Party Ideas that range from “Pie in the Face” parties to “Dance Parties” and “Scavenger Hunt” parties. I sort of want some of these for my 35th party!! Particularly that “Pie in the Face” one …

Another great place to look? My new obsession, Pinterest. Just search for whatever you’re looking for … pinatas, cakes, punch … you’ll be amazed at what you find.

So, what are your favorite places to find frugal ideas for awesome kid parties? What’s the best one you’ve thrown so far?

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  • Julie C.

    You’re right, with the right mix of kids and fun ideas, you can do this cheaply. I find as children get older they tend to want less guests and you can get away with less decorations and just let them hang out, with lots of chips, pizza and cake.

    For my son’s 7th birthday, to fill time before parents arrived, we held a freeze dance party competition and gave out loot bag-type prizes. This was the biggest hit of the day. Next time I’m doing this for most of the party.