The Mommy Files: Three Things Your Kids Shouldn’t Live Without

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The Mommy Files: Three Things Your Kids Shouldn’t Live Without

Alright, alright. I’m being a little dramatic. But seriously, when you see these you’re going to want your kids to have them.

These items are practical, affordable (all are less than $20!), and most of all … totally kid-focused. And the best part? They’d all make really awesome stocking stuffers or gifts!

The Dipr: I first saw this on Daily Candy, and as a lover of Oreos, I was instantly intrigued. This little tool cradles any sandwich cookie so it can be easily dipped in milk and enjoyed. No messy fingers, no losing your cookie in the bottom of your glass. How much would your kid love this?

Lego Men Soaps: Do you ever have trouble getting your kid in the tub? L hates bath time … but I’m willing to bet these glycerin soaps could coax even the most bath-adverse kiddo to hop right in. Made by ACTZ cosmetics, they have all sorts of child-inspired soaps … including the Soapy Slurpee.

Chalktrail: Our neighbors have one of these and it’s freakin’ cool. She owns a trendy little kid boutique in our town and she somehow stumbled upon this … lucky for her kids. It’s so simple to use; you just attach it to the back of your child’s bike, put the chalk in, and let your kids ride up and down the street.

The only thing that can get a little tricky is when the kiddo is turning to try and look to see the trail behind them. But that doesn’t become an issue until they’re off training wheels (which this chalk fits onto by the way).

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