The Mommy Files: Three Swoon-Worth Kid Playhouses

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The Mommy Files: Three Swoon-Worth Kid Playhouses

It may seem like a weird time of year to think about playhouses … especially outdoor playhouses.

But here’s the funny thing about winter and cooler weather; outdoor stuff tends to be on sale because no one is buying it (if you’re buying a prefab house) and if you’re planning on building one, it’s a good time to start looking at plans and devising a strategy because these things don’t go together in a day.

These are two of the reasons we’ve been shopping for playhouses and outdoor swingsets over the last month.

In my searches, I’ve found a lot of cute stuff. The first one I came across was at (The Hide-N-Slide Playhouse). It reminds me a bit of a Dr. Seuss concoction, but would so fit in with our backyard.

This was the house that actually started the whole idea behind a new playhouse.

Kids Crooked House is a locally-owned Maine company that became uber-recognized when they were featured on Extreme Home Makeover. Their playhouses are way outside our price range, but they are seriously swoon-worthy.

As an aside, they now also have removable wall stickers/decals, dog houses, swingsets, and furniture.

If you (or someone you know) is handy with a hammer and nails, you might be able to construct this “handmade hideaway” which is so perfect I can barely stand it.

Big enough for a few kids to play in (and also large enough for two adults to go out and enjoy a glass of wine while stargazing), this not-quite-a-treehouse is awesome. As an added bonus, there’s even step-by-step directions on how to build it!

Though The Boo and the Boy has a whole gallery of playhouses, I’m particularly smitten with the charm of the garden-style playhouse; my kids love the pirate ship.

And finally, though I could never pull this off, I like this little house, too. It’s obvious I have an obsession with tiny houses, isn’t it? My dream is to live in some cottage-style house on a hillside in Italy … someday …

photo credit: Richard Elzey via photopin cc

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