The Mommy Files: The Retro Kitchen Is So Mod

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The Mommy Files: The Retro Kitchen Is So Mod

Between retro-inspired appliances being sold everywhere from Target to Big Chill, and vintage-inspired fabrics gracing windows in the form of curtains, retro has become modern all over again.

So I thought it appropriate to point out a few retro-inspired kitchen gadgets that could easily go from retro to modern when the trend swings again. Though I love the look of the vintage appliances, spending that much for a trend scares the living heck out of me.

First up is this kitchen timer. I actually own this … it was  a 30th birthday gift from a friend, and I still love it five years later! It works like a charm, doesn’t make any obnoxious noises except a contrite ding when your time is up, and it is magnetized so it sticks right to the stove or the refrigerator.

Along with this collection of kitchen scales at The Find, you could easily have a retro but modern look in no time.

Other accessories I’m loving? Really, any form of cookie jar. Owls have seemingly become very popular again … but you could go with any colored ceramic, cartoon character, or animal. You have to be careful though because some are totally creepy looking.

And don’t forget your apron. I’ve talked before how much I love aprons … and I use them all the time.

So, would you decorate with retro kitchen accessories? Or have you gone all the way and bought retro appliances?

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