The Mommy Files: The Paleo Life

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The Mommy Files: The Paleo Life

First and foremost, let me put it out there: we are not a Paleo family.

Now, that’s not to say that we couldn’t become accustomed to such a thing, but we’re not there yet. We do practice eating “clean” as I’ve openly discussed on this blog before. And while we do have our slip-ups, we primarily stick to what we know and love.

But recently a friend and I were talking about eMeals (a meal planning service we both use) and she mentioned that they are now offering a “paleo” menu. I did browse it, to see what it was all about, because I have visions of paleo equating to no sweets. And let’s be honest, I’m pregnant. And even when I’m not with child, I still love myself some sweets. The clean eating way of life allows this, as long as you’re using natural sugars.

At any rate, when I did more digging into the paleo menu, I was actually really surprised that it mimics clean eating pretty closely, minus grains and things like legumes. Nerd Fitness has a great “beginner’s guide to paleo” if you’re thinking about investigating it.

It’s worth looking at even if you’re NOT interested in paleo because it’s illustrated with really cute Lego people … just saying. And it’s extremely informative … far better than I could ever be at giving you the info. So instead, I’m going to focus on the recipes that we very well may be trying in our house very soon.

There’s also quite a few blogs that focus on the paleo lifestyle, and I’ve had a lot of fun browsing them. A few of my favorites?

And now I’ll open it up to discussion. How many of you have tried paleo? Love it? Hate it? How did you kids react? I feel like husbands would be a pretty easy sell, but I wonder about the kids …

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