The Mommy Files: The Overwhelming Choice of the Baby Bottle

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The Mommy Files: The Overwhelming Choice of the Baby Bottle

I went ten years between needing to use bottles.

With Sydnie, it was the Playtex brand with the throw-away liner; with L, it was the silicone Nuby bottles. Then we moved to Tommee Tippee.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love all of these bottles. But then I walked into the daycare about a week ago and saw little baby Simon sitting in his carseat, slurping away … but not holding a bottle.

I immediately inquired. Because in my head I was thinking, “Now THAT’S convenient!” Apparently the Podee feeding system has been around forever. Or at least for the last five years because the our daycare provider said she had used the feeding system with both of her kids.

Now, some of the Amazon reviews are from parents who mentioned that they would use these at night and just put them in the crib with their kiddos. I’m not sure I would do that, but that’s just me. I think I’d be worried about the baby choking.

But anyway, that’s neither here nor there; I still think this would be a great device for things like stroller rides or when you’re out grocery shopping.

The Ba Baby Bottle holder is yet another device I’m fascinated with. Its design is so simple, yet so effective. It seemingly works with any bottle and is designed to let your baby hold its own bottle. I’m thinking I might try this with Finn when he gets a bit older.

To start though, I think I’m going to same route as I did with L; Nuby and Tommee Tippee.

What bottles did you use? And since I’m going to be nursing as well, I’m particularly interested in what bottles you found best when you were supplementing or when someone else was doing the feeding.

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  • Julie C.

    Wow, I may be really old fashioned here, but I think that a MOTHER should be HOLDING her baby during feeding times in order to give that baby her FULL ATTENTION for just a few minutes. Is that too much to ask of today’s “modern mothers”? So a bottle that a baby can self-serve just sounds like another tool that enables a narcissistic mom to pay more attention to her smartphone rather than her baby.

  • Living The Scream

    I nurse my little one full time but am looking for bottles as I will be parts from her for a little while. I think I also prefer to have her held during feeding time. There iso so many options out there.