The Mommy Files: Starting Your Garden

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The Mommy Files: Starting Your Garden

With the weather warming up, I’m itching to get my garden going. And so are my daughters.

Especially the younger one; she loves both the planting and the picking.

And designing the garden is a ton of fun, too. Though last year we did an in-ground garden, this year we’re going to build raised beds. And while I initially thought all you really needed to do was hammer some boards together and throw some dirt in them, there’s clearly more planning than that involved.

With that said, once you have your plans laid out, you need … well, plans. Like, blueprints to build them. If you think you’re ready for something slightly more fancy than I’m dreaming of, you might want to check out the Popular Mechanics website, which will lead you through making a little mini greenhouse over your beds as well as give you instructions on how to put in an irrigation system. For this year, I’m going to stick with just my watering hose, but maybe next year …

In terms of building material, you can use pretty much anything, including cinder blocks and old filing cabinets. Since my husband is a landscaper/hardscaper, we have all sorts of materials kicking around … from lumber to stone. So, our beds will probably be made of a variety of things.

Anyway, I’m using the planting calendar over at All Things Plants to get started this year; all I had to do was enter my zip code and it told me when the freezing season is typically over and gave me a timetable to planting our veggies. Easy!!

Other Raised Bed Gardening Resources:

  • Planet Natural offers tons of tips on everything from layout to drainage to a list of the advantage and disadvantages of raised bed gardening.
  • Atlantis Hydroponics has a handy chart that tells you how many plants per square foot can be manageably planted.
  • And Better Homes and Gardens offers an excellent “How to Make Your Own Compost” tutorial.

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  • MomHomeGuide

    I used the raised garden kits from EarthEasy for my garden — I put them together in about 15 minutes! Plus, they say that the wood doesn’t have any toxic materials — you won’t want any toxic chemicals from the materials you use for your raised garden beds to get into your vegetables.