The Mommy Files: Sprucing Up the Kids’ Rooms

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The Mommy Files: Sprucing Up the Kids’ Rooms

We’ve been dealing with a remodel for a while now. And when I say a remodel, I’m not talking about something major…we’re talking lots of painting, an added bathroom and a remodeled bathroom.

Really, nothing major.

But when we put the new bathroom in downstairs, I realized that the hubs’ “man cave” was still desperately grim. We had some flooding a few years ago that caused an emergency gutting and now it consists of some hodgepodge furniture and a television. Certainly not something he wants to use to hang out with the guys.

So I decided that I wanted to surprise him with a little makeover of the room. But during the design process, I decided to incorporate a play space as well. Not a big one, but large enough that if I’m making dinner in the kitchen, L can go to the basement with daddy and contentedly play for a bit. So I started surfing for ideas.

These designs featured at Design Dazzle are super cute and from the HGTV show Showdown—Battle of the Design Stars. If I had a bigger space to work with, I’d totally go for the first one shown. I suspect it would be a little too girly though…especially since it will be sharing space with more manly things.

I also like the idea of either a chalkboard wall or a wall dedicated to having art. And I’m smitten with the playroom created in a dark basement (kind of like ours!!) over at Pink Picket Fence. These throw rugs, featured in a sunroom-to-playroom redo at All Things Kelly would really brighten up the space too.

My almost-favorite room of all was at Southern Exposure. I like everything about it…the drawers with labels, the play table on casters, the flash card collage, and even the shades! And it was a close race. But ultimately, my lust for the Pottery Barn playroom makeover that Sixty Fifth Avenue prevailed. If I could make a room just like this, I’d just about get Mom of the Year…or at least Mom of the Day.

The plan is to surprise the hubs for Father’s Day, so I still have a few months to get all my ideas down and planned. And I suspect that a trip to IKEA will also be in order sometime in the near future.

Have you done a playroom renovation? Where did you get your inspiration?

photo credit: sixty fifth avenue

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  • Julie C.

    Wow, that is adorable but what is way more awesome is that link to the woman’s blog who scaled down the look and managed to DIY with her husband making the shelves and doing all the painting! Way to save money and make it one’s own!

  • Henny Ort

    I’m for the chalkboard, or in today’s time, the whiteboard. I think it’s great for kids to be able to doodle away, and express themselves, and then to wipe it all off for a clean slate. I want to do that next, finances allowing.

  • living The Scream

    I some day hope to have enough room to have a playroom. I love the picture on the post. So cute and creative!