The Mommy Files: Snacking on Almonds

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The Mommy Files: Snacking on Almonds

I love nuts. In fact, I’ll pretty much eat any nut you throw my way … except walnuts (unless they’re candied, that’s a different story). But the one nut I’ll eat no matter how it’s prepared?


My kids are the same way.

And almonds are really good for you. But here’s the problem, some of the commercially-made almonds aren’t always great for you.

So here’s several of my favorite ways to prepare almonds at home, that are even better than those dressed-up varieties you find at the grocery store.

Cocoa-covered almonds: Who doesn’t love a good dose of dark cocoa? You won’t ever see me turn it down. These are sweetened with a mix of dark cocoa and powdered sugar … and if you want them a little sweeter, add a little extra powdered sugar after they cool off.

Sweet, spicy, and smoked almonds: This is an ahhh-mazing combination. Sweet and spicy? Yum. And you probably have all the ingredients right in your kitchen cupboards.

Candied almonds: You know those almonds that you get at the mall during the holidays? There’s always a cart somewhere in the mall, selling candied nuts. These candied nuts are made with sugar and cinnamon. Very, very good.

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