The Mommy Files: Preparing for a Storm (and Keeping Your Kids Busy!)

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The Mommy Files: Preparing for a Storm (and Keeping Your Kids Busy!)

Yesterday, I received an email from our insurance company titled “Are You Insured for a Hurricane?” which I found hysterical since it was a little late to be asking the question, no? But that’s typical of our insurance company (which will remain nameless to protect the innocent).

And as storm coverage fills the news today, it occurs to me that, though we’re prepared, others might not be. And not so much for this storm, but for any storm.

Let’s face it: unless you live somewhere that it’s sunny and 70 year ’round, you’re going to face some severe weather and power outages at some point.

The Today Show had an excellent segment about what to do when you lose the power. One thing I hadn’t thought of? Turning off the main breaker to your house; this prevents a power surge from ruining your appliances and electronics when the power is restored.

And the National Hurricane Center has a preparedness checklist that’s good to reference … in many cases, this information is good for more than just a hurricane; what happens if you lose power due to a massive Nor’Easter?

While some children find storms to be an exciting event, they can also experience anxiety over the unknown. Especially if you watch the news and they hear the repeated warnings of how dangerous the event might be.

The Orlando Sentinel has an excellent article on keeping kids calm during a storm and this PDF titled “101+ Ways to Keep Kids Busy” will get the ideas flowing for you. While obvious things like puzzles and craft projects are probably at the forefront of your mind, this publication gives you recipes for no-cook play dough, ideas for creating a newspaper, counting dishes, and making house cleaning fun.

And, remember, if you don’t have power, be cautious with the use of candles and lanterns as these can be dangerous for children. Get your electronics charged ahead of time and use them only if absolutely necessary. And, invest in a little clock radio that can run on batteries … if your iPhone loses its juice, you won’t have access to the weather reports!

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