The Mommy Files: Organizing Your Jewelry

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The Mommy Files: Organizing Your Jewelry

As a mom, I’ve collected several pieces of jewelry. Some from my husband, a few pieces that are from relatives, and several pieces that I’ve just purchased all on my own.

The trick is actually keeping them where I can find them. And also keeping them looking pretty. Oh, and not falling prey to a commercial jewelry chest … I like something that looks a little more … crafty.

So, I’ve been searching for ways to store my jewelry. And I’m open to any suggestions you might have, too.

I like the way this jewelry is displayed, though I’m not sure I have enough jewelry to fill this many containers. For earrings, this is a super-adorable way to use a cheese grater as a display. I’ve seen something similar done with an adjustable window screen, and that’s cute, too.

If I were looking to make a whole wall of jewelry, this would be a great idea. And these displays are just pretty to look at … very Anthropologie-ish.

How do you store your jewelry?

photo credit: Sherry’s Rose Cottage via photopin cc

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