The Mommy Files: Nutrition Plans for Pregnant and Nursing Moms

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The Mommy Files: Nutrition Plans for Pregnant and Nursing Moms

As I near the 40-week mark in my pregnancy (ahem, in two days … little baby man, you can come out any time now!!), I’ve started thinking about my nutrition plan for after he arrives.

While I was really disciplined during my first and second trimesters, my third trimester has been a bit more indulgent. But I have a Zombie 5K obstacle course that I’m running at the end of July and I need to train for that, so nutrition needs to be at the top of my list.

Not to mention that, since I’ll be nursing (at least more than half the time), Finn needs me to eat good as well.

The government’s website Choose My Plate is actually a pretty amazing resource. You can get a daily food plan, a food tracker, and more, just by entering a few simple things (such as how often you’ll be nursing, how active you’ll be, etc.) and the same holds true if you’re a pregnant momma that wants to stay on track during your pregnancy.

The Health Promotion Board also has great tips on staying both hydrated and eating nutritiously during pregnancy and breastfeeding. And while the site clearly promotes breastfeeding for the first six months, much of the nutrition information can be utilized even if you’re not nursing for that long.

If you’re currently expecting, it’s worth looking at this piece by, that gives you a week of healthy and delicious meals.

Want to go all-in? Then head over to Mama and Baby Love and download a copy of the eCookbook she has to offer; I think it’s around $10. She mentions in her blog that eating “real food” was really the only way she started to finally feel “good again” after pregnancy and shed those baby pounds.

You know how my family feels about eating “clean,” and this cookbook has been a perfect compliment … plus, it’s helped stock the freezer with meals for after Finn is born. Her site is also filled with nutritional recipes for toddlers and budding foodies.

What was your plan of attack for nutrition and weight loss after your baby was born?

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  • Living The Scream

    What a good reminder to eat well. I had my baby 8 months ago and know I can do much better on nutrition then I have been doing. Thanks!