The Mommy Files: Nursery Art

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The Mommy Files: Nursery Art

In our house, the two youngest will soon be sharing a room … a girl and a boy.

Currently, the bedroom is painted a beautiful light blue, totally acceptable for either, but the walls are covered in Hello Kitty paraphernalia and the chandelier is totally girly. I’m feeling like Finn might not appreciate that so much once he gets a little older.

So I’m on the hunt for some new nursery art that would be appealing to both the kids.

weeDECOR recently showed off this cute neutral nursery that includes pops of greens and oranges. L is already a fan of animals in any capacity, so I don’t think the zoo-ish inspiration would bother her.

Looking for additional inspiration, I checked out all of their nursery wall decor and have to be honest … I’m both lustful and overwhelmed.

Also very cute are these layouts at Merriment Style. And though this is actually a shared space between a preteen and a new baby, I like the grey color of the room with the bright pops of color.

Of course, there’s plenty of other crafty things you can do with photos, posters, etc. But I feel like just getting the basic color scheme down first is a huge challenge.

Do you have a neutral nursery? How did you decorate? I’m guessing Finn won’t be in the actual bedroom until the summer so I have some time to collect ideas and choose a color … but any help from you all would be much appreciated!!

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  • Joquena

    Thanks to my little graffiti artists I don’t have to put up artwork haha! They draw right on the wall for me. I even repainted and they did it again. I agree that animals are neutral. Are you going to let them have their own gender specific bedding or have that match the room too?


    We did a tropical jungle theme, including tropical birds, monkeys, coconut and banana trees in the wall art. We matched bright-colored bedding and drapes to the tropical birds and bananas in the mural.

  • MomHomeGuide

    My kids’ baby room was a gender-neutral Pooh-themed room with spring greens and sky blues. I think it worked very well! I still haven’t repainted the room, since I love it so much!