The Mommy Files: Moving to a Big Bed

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The Mommy Files: Moving to a Big Bed

Kids and their beds are interesting, aren’t they? And no two are alike.

Our oldest was climbing out of her crib at 18 months, while our youngest wanted nothing to do with a “big girl” bed until she reached 2 1/2 … and that was after some very subtle hinting and prodding on our part because we knew we’d need the crib for the baby!

Then magically, one night she looked at me and said, “Momma, I’m done with my crib. My baby brother can have it. I want a bed now.” But what she really wanted was her mattress on the floor. She’s still sleeping there … no “bed” in sight. However, in my head, that’s okay. There’s less chance she’s going to roll out of it and get hurt.

With that said, I would like to get her a bed. But I’m more interested in making one than buying one. For one, beds are expensive. And she’s adamant that she doesn’t want a twin-sized bed; she’s more than content to stay in her toddler bed. And frankly, those are a waste of money and typically covered in princesses or Mickey Mouse … garish to say the least.

I happen to have my eye on this toddler bed, which is a total DIY project; but if I can make it for under $40 and only need one afternoon to do it, why wouldn’t I?

I like it for a lot of reasons … it’s low to the ground, upholstered, and inexpensive. Plus, if I make it in a neutral fabric, Finn can use it after Ella moves to a twin-sized bed; after all, by the time she’s 5 and he’s 2, she’ll be ready, right?

Though significantly more work to put together, repurposing an old door into a toddler bed is also an incredibly cute idea and something I hadn’t considered. You can find an old door just about anywhere, and as long as it’s solid wood (or even a thicker hollow core door) I would think it would be totally sturdy.

And though this is a plan for a twin-sized platform bed, the dimensions could be changed to suit a toddler bed as well. As an aside, I absolutely love Ana White’s site … she has amazing plans (many for free) to build oodles of stuff for your home. This bed cost one maker only $30 to put together. Woot!

One idea I saw, but can’t find directions for, is this toddler bed that was originally a table; based on the reviews, you simply find an old table with a top that measures the size of a toddler mattress; paint it and flip it over. Instant four-poster bed. It would be cute with a tent cover from IKEA and maybe even with some small “feet” to bring it up off the floor just a bit.

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  • Living The Scream

    Yes the dreaded toddler bed debacle. :) We usually switch my kids to a twin size bed and then add a thing on the side so they can’t fall out. My 3 year old is on a cute toddler bed but gets out WAY too much!