The Mommy Files: Last Minute Gifts

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The Mommy Files: Last Minute Gifts

We’re closing in quickly on the holiday … do you have all of your gifts?

I do … for the most part. But there are a few things I still need to grab.

Or make.

I’m not sure which yet.

And there’s really no reason I haven’t gotten them, it’s just that I’ve been busy with other stuff (like planning for a baby). Naturally, I’ve turned to Google. has produced this list of 15 last-minute gifts that are almost all under $50. I find the “where I’ve been” travel map and the essential salt collection to be pretty sweet finds. I guess beer and wine also work well.

I find one of the hardest gift recipients on my list is inevitably my grandparents. They have everything they could possibly need. And in their early-90s, there’s not much from today that they’re very interested in anyway.

So I was excited to find this list at; 9 Last Minute Gift Ideas from When Your Grandparents Were Kids. And though I likely wouldn’t buy them any of these items (since they’re mostly toys), I do think it would be fun to get some of this stuff for my own kids and have them open them when we’re at the grandparents house.

Inevitably it will lead to the “when I was a kid … ” stories that I love to hear.

And there’s always the last-minute gifts to make. These are pretty much my favorites and what I have planned for the weekend. We’ve already got ours planned out and it’s just a matter of putting them together. But I always enjoy a little extra inspiration too.

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    I decided to knit one last gift and am hoping to be done by Monday!



    I have a few last-minute gifts I will be having to shop for later today, too. There is a soda stream machine I think is pretty cool, but that is kind of pricey. I was thinking maybe a tea gift set from Teavana in the mall. I need more ideas!!