The Mommy Files: Keeping Kids Busy with Thanksgiving Day Crafts

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The Mommy Files: Keeping Kids Busy with Thanksgiving Day Crafts

I mentioned a few days ago that I’ll be hosting Thanksgiving this year; one of the challenges the host always faces (at least in our family) is keeping the kids busy while dinner finishes playing.

So, essentially, I need to get a craft table ready, which will then be manned by another adult (or adults) while I finish cooking. Do you do this in your family?

It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s actually quite fun, especially if you have a large family, because then the kids have goodies to take home at the end of the day, too.

Here’s the crafts we’ve had success with in the past (meaning, they’re toddler and kid approved)!

For the older kids, these paper squirrel window decorations are a lot of fun. You could also do pumpkins, Pilgrim hats, or other festive decorations.

And remember, it’s also not too early to start on December holiday decorations either! Paper leaf wreaths are fun, too … and if you use heavy-weight paper, they can last for quite a long time.

For the younger kids, we often do something with paints; this list supplies 15 preschool-age appropriate crafts. We’ve knocked out #7 (the turkey face) and #1 (the thankful turkey). Last year, the kids had a ton of fun making the Indian corn.

Want to go the super-easy route? Snag some crayons and grab these downloads. Then just let the kids color their own placemats for the day! Easy!!

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