The Mommy Files: Have You Considered a Menu Board?

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The Mommy Files: Have You Considered a Menu Board?

Many of you have read about my adventures with a meal planning service … the money it’s saved us, the time I’ve saved by not having to come up with meals each week … it’s been a total life (and sanity) saver!

I even loved the dinner service so much that I went ahead and signed up for a breakfast and lunch planning service with the same company; again, I love it.

But here’s the thing: my subscriptions are coming to an end. So, do I renew them? Or do I take all of the menus I’ve gotten over the last year, print them out, and start making menu cards?

I’m opting for the latter. And, I’m taking it one step further, so I don’t have hundreds of sheets of paper laying around the house (much like my recipes before I got them organized). I’m going to take my families favorite recipes and put them (by meals) on 4 x 6 index cards. Then I’m going to laminate them so they don’t get ruined.

Planning dinner will now be as easy as pulling cards from a box. It’s important to note that only the meals that my family really, really loved will go on the cards.

But I still like the idea of a menu planning board as well. That way, if someone wants to know what’s for dinner, they can just look. Plus, it’s easier to plan lunches if I know what will be leftover from the night before. I’m sort of thinking of a board like the one Jamie made over at The Letter 4.

This board, made from a cookie sheet, is also a cute idea, but I need something that will hold the entire card (including the recipe and ingredients) on it. I could probably lay it out differently, and then I could hang this on the side of the cabinet by the stove.

If I were going for a magnetic menu board and had lots of time to put this together, I would totally do what Megan did over at The Homes I Have Made. I love the idea behind this board, but I’m not sure if I could get it all together … even if I purchased everything from her Etsy shop.

Ultimately though, I’m going to do something like this menu board, which was featured at Better Homes and Gardens. My set up might be a little different, but the idea will be the same.

Do you have a favorite way to plan meals for your family? What method do you use?

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