The Mommy Files: Freezer Meals

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The Mommy Files: Freezer Meals

Yes, yes. I know … another post about preparing for Finn. But I’m tellin’ ya, these days, it’s all I can think about. When will he arrive? What will he look like? And how many more bouts of in-utero hiccups can I take???

On a more serious note though, one of the things I’ve been doing is preparing and freezing some food ahead of time.

When we had L three years ago, our other child was 10 (nearly 11) and dinner was sort of an easy thing. Like, if we were all laid out, she could totally put together some food for herself and frankly, I think she sort of enjoyed the freedom to eat whatever she wanted on those nights.

But with a three year old in the house, we can’t necessarily do that this time.

So I’ve been cooking ahead, putting together casseroles, and basically filling the freezer. But believe it or not, it actually took me quite a while to find good websites that had lists of freezer meals.

You’d thing between Pinterest and Google, this would have been an easy feat, but not so much.

What I will say is this: I’m glad I persisted. It’s so nice to go downstairs and open the chest freezer, seeing it all filled with food.

In fact, I’ve enjoyed this little task so much that I might actually start cooking ahead and freezing food on a regular basis. It sure would make like much easier on busy weeknights.

So, where did I turn? I actually started at What’s Cookin’ Chicago? after a Facebook friend posted a link for someone else. Thank heavens she did. This site was filled with many, many recipes that I stocked up on.

Then, perhaps while I was looking at an entirely different blog … I think it was 100 Days of Real Food, I came across a banner ad for Once A Month Mom, which is a site devoted to “once a month cooking.” Though it’s a subscription service, you can look at recipes that are more than a year old; if we totally love the stuff I made from that site, I may invest in it after our eMeals subscription runs out.

Then finally, I stopped by Six Sisters’ Stuff, a site another friend sent me, too. This post will show you how to make eight crockpot meals to stash in the freezer … all in an hour. And really, that’s all it took.

By my estimation, we have about three weeks worth of dinners and leftover lunches stored away, plus last weekend I made a bunch of breakfast stuff. So now, we wait. And try not to eat it all in the meantime.

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  • MomHomeGuide

    Thanks for posting! I’d love to make freezer meals ahead of time. Six Sisters’ Stuff is a great website.