The Mommy Files: Decorating with Duct Tape

Posted on Feb 9, 2013 by 4 Comments
The Mommy Files: Decorating with Duct Tape

Remember when duct tape was silver? And used only in extremely urgent circumstances in which nothing else was available?

Or unless you were “McGyvering-it?”

Those days are long gone. Duct tape has gotten a major makeover. You can get it in tie-dye, Hello Kitty, solids, stripes, even graffiti! It’s crazy-sauce as Ella would say.

HGTV even has a kid’s room redo that’s focused around duct tape and the brand has its own Pinterest board.

Saved by Love Creations has a whole roundup of duct tape crafts.

Want to try a starter project? Try this duct tape bag; all you need is some scrap fabric, duct tape, a stapler, and some scissors. Personally, I think it’s kind of cute.

And believe it or not, there’s actually really good art that’s made with duct tape.

Other duct tape craft resources:

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  • Joquena

    I love duct tape… I have a whole box of the stuff on my desk. Not only is it killer for craft projects… it’s holding half of my old house together haha!

  • MomHomeGuide

    My kids love duct tape – they use it to make bows for their hair and clothes for their dolls! I’ve used it to decorate cardboard storage boxes to store my kids’ toys in.

  • Duct Tape Lover

    The best day of my life was when I discovered decorative duct tape. I have it on everything. I have it even on the edges of my wooden kitchen cabinets so when I open them with wet hands when putting away disches The water doesn’t soak into the already water damaged wood. it looks great too.


    Anybody watch the Red Green show? I have to wonder if he has learned bout this new fashion/decorating trend.