The Mommy Files: Co-Sleeping

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The Mommy Files: Co-Sleeping

So many choices …. is any one single choice right?

With our first kiddo, co-sleeping wasn’t really talked about all that much. At least not where I was living at the time. So though she slept in our room for a while; it was in a bassinet which was not located next to the bed.

I was nursing her, so it made sense to have her in our room … but the importance of having her really close by wasn’t really discussed by my doctor at the time. And, every time she woke to feed, we both had to get out of bed.

Ten years later, we had L and my doctor talked about the importance of having her nearby … but safely. I was leery to have her actually in our bed, as I worried about rolling over in the night and suffocating her.

But that didn’t mean I couldn’t use a co-sleeper that attached to the bed. For us, this worked really well. Particularly because when she started to stir or fuss to be fed, I could just roll over and nurse her. There was no getting either of us out of bed, which meant in the long run we were actually both sleeping better at night.

But not everyone agrees that co-sleeping is safe. I think, in large part, because a lot of people associate co-sleeping with having the baby right in bed with you. There are happy mediums though. And there are certainly pros and cons to both sides of the situation.

This discussion on Circle of Moms is an interesting one and shows that people are incredibly passionate about the topic.

I get that many moms feel having a baby in their room is bad for their marriage, but at the same time, how many of us that have multiple children have much alone time anyway?

And frankly, for the first six months after L was born, I didn’t even want my husband looking at me, much less thinking about touching me. I was tired, cranky, and probably suffering from some postpartum depression.

Other moms cite that babies don’t sleep as well or transition to their own beds as well when they’ve slept with their parents. I found both of these to be untrue in our situation; L went to a crib at six months and while she slept like a dream, I was the one up every 1/2 hour to go upstairs and make sure she was still breathing.

But I’m curious to get your thoughts. Did you co-sleep? What did you use? How long did you co-sleep?

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  • Pauline Hawkins

    My son slept in our bed until I was done nursing and he was sleeping through the night. I’m not sure what it was called, but his bed had short, cushioned walls, which kept either one of us from rolling over on him, and kept him from rolling out of it. He transitioned fine into a crib, and I slept well during that time. I highly recommend it.

  • Julie C.

    I used a traditional cradle with rockers for both babies — kept in our room for three months each and then transitioned them to a crib in their own rooms. Some sleepless nights but eventually everybody gets to sleep!

    I always thought my husband’s snoring might be waking the baby — having them in their own rooms lessened that chance.


    For my last child, we bought a bassinet and kept it right next to the bed so my son was just an arm’s reach away but not in danger of being crushed or woken accidentally by us. And neither of us had to get out of bed if the baby needed feeding. The transition to the regular crib was effortless.

  • Tabi Deneweth

    Ack! I was that scary Mom who picked up the newborn from her pack and play, nursed her down in my bed and dozed off with her right between Mom and Dad. No co-sleeping contraptions, nada. She is almost 2 and a half now & I can report nothing scary happened (except for the occasional dead arm I used to wake up with…), ever! We nursed until she was 18 months old, and while she still crawls into bed between us at 2 am most nights, I’m okay with it. I have 2 older children who did the same thing and I know nightly cuddles don’t last forever. I savor them.

  • Emily (CityBaby Living)

    I’m in my daughter’s room (used to be the guest room – we kept the grown up bed until she’s older) as she is just 2 months. Initially I kept her next to me in a bassinet – now she’s in a crib but in the same room with me. I’ve done this with both kids and it works well except that I get used to not sleeping with Hubby (I get the whole bed!)

    Big believer in making it work for your family – one size does NOT fit all when it comes to babies and sleep. There are too many “shoulds”