The Mommy Files: Awesome Ways to Make Easter Eggs

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The Mommy Files: Awesome Ways to Make Easter Eggs

As Easter quickly approaches, I’ve been trying to come up with some crafty stuff to do with my toddler, and perhaps even—gasp!—my teenager.

I know, I know. Easter egg crafts with my teenager? But here’s the thing: as much as she hates to admit it, she kind of likes it.

Here’s some ideas I’m considering! And I’d love to hear what you all have been doing to decorate and/or keep the kids busy.

I recently came across the website In Lieu of Preschool, which I’ve totally bookmarked because I want to do so many things on it.

Her ideas are awesome (she’s a former teacher) and she has tons of free learning content for the preschool age group. L loves nothing more than to do her “homework,” when her older sister is doing hers.

But I’ve gotten off the subject again. I love these shaving cream Easter Eggs. L did shaving cream snowmen earlier this year at school and they turned out so cool. I think we might do this over the weekend.

These Easter Egg sculptures would also be fun to do … though they might be slightly fragile for really little kids.

And The Celebration Shoppe has several dying techniques, including a link to a very cool embroidery thread wrapping technique which clearly makes very cool eggs.

I think if I were to do the wrapping part, I’d likely buy a package of plastic or styrofoam eggs and maybe use little bits of glue to get the thread to stick on for my little one.

Likewise with these tie-dye eggs … which repurposes an old tie-dye t-shirt … a very original take without the mess of actual dye.

And finally, for the youngest crowd, this stringing project makes creating Easter cards extremely simple, and lets the kiddos practice their fine motor skills, all at the same time.

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  • Genny Upton

    Thanks for the kind words about In Lieu of Preschool and for sharing our shaving cream Easter eggs!! :)


    Your shaving cream Easter eggs look pretty fun! I think I might enjoy this project as much as the kids.