The Mommy Files: Awesome Teacher Gifts

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The Mommy Files: Awesome Teacher Gifts

With the holidays often comes a deluge of teacher gifts. Depending on how many children you have and how many teachers each of them have, it can get spendy.

But most teachers love to get handmade gifts over something store bought. Now, that’s not to say they won’t appreciate a Starbucks gift card (heck, who doesn’t?) but it does mean that you won’t need to spend a fortune to get everyone covered.

Set aside a weekend and rustle up the kids; you’ve got gifts to make.

It seems to me this name plaque would be easy enough to make; you really just need some pencils, a sharp knife, some sandpaper, and a photo frame. You could even mount it on a styrofoam core board or a wooden block.

And this teacher treat box is a fun idea; a little bit of chocolate, a few office supplies, and a whole lot of crafty decoration … who can resist? What about this crayon wreath? I’ve made a lot of wreaths in my time and truth be told, I never thought about making one from crayons …

You could also make felted soaps, food gifts, or a number of other handmade gifts.

Whatever you decide, make sure your child’s teacher knows how appreciated he or she is; their job is a difficult one at best and they are chronically under-appreciated!

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  • Pauline Hawkins

    As a teacher, I would appreciate any of those ideas, but the things I love the most are the cards. I get teary-eyed every time I get a card that expresses how thankful that child is for me being his/her teacher. The gifts and gift cards are nice, but the sentiments are what really matters!