The Mommy Files: Art to Swoon Over

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The Mommy Files: Art to Swoon Over

As a mom, I don’t put much thought into art, per se. Because when I think of “art,” I often think of big, famous art.

You know, the kind a freelancer with three kids can’t afford.

However, my mindset around art started to change a few years ago when my daughter went to school with a certain young lady whose mom just happens to be Jen Judd-Mcgee, the creative mind behind the Etsy shop Swallowfield.

I absolutely love, love, love her stuff. In the last few years, her designs have been featured on Target gift cards, bedding for The Land of Nod, women’s bags by Timberland, and prints for Hallmark and the MTA, among others. At the end of the day, lets just say she’s hella-talented. Last year I sent holiday cards from her line and got many, many compliments on them. You can learn more about Jen at her website.

Another artist I was recently introduced to, thanks to Inspired by Charm (follow Michael on Pinterest) is none other than Laura Amiss, whose art is absolutely fabulous.

She uses this awesome mix of print on canvas followed by free hand machine embroidery that incorporates felt and appliqué … say what?!? Exactly. The result is AH-May-Zing! I can see why Michael is totally obsessed.

And finally, Funnelcloud Studio. I, myself, am slightly obsessed with the Hoot Owl print, which is only natural since our family is a little bit in love with owl’s in general. I’m pretty sure I mentioned that in previous posts both about kitchen gadgets and an awesome owl-goods sale that happened at Totsy awhile back.

At any rate, Rachel is busy creating this lovely art from her DC home which is filled with two rescue dogs and what sounds like some very yummy food. Learn all about her on her blog.

Do you have leads on cute but non-traditional art? I’d love to hear them.

Like Rachel at Funnelcloud, we’ve been in our house for quite some time and have very few things on the wall to show for it. I’d love to get a big blank wall in the living room all decked out with fabulous prints from wonderful artists!

photo credit: thecloverhunter via photopin cc

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  • MomHomeGuide

    I really love the “You Send Me” archival print in the Swallowfield Etsy shop. It would be a great addition to the new media / study area that I have designed for my kids!