The Mommy Files: A Cheap Kid’s Room? Sign Me Up!

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The Mommy Files: A Cheap Kid’s Room? Sign Me Up!

Kid’s bedrooms are the bane of my existence. It seems we no sooner get one kid’s room redone and then the other one wants something changed.

It started with our oldest and a trip to IKEA … that was three years ago … when we were planning for her sister and she was getting bumped to the “big bedroom.” Now that she’s starting high school, she thinks it’s time to redo her room … again.

And since her little sister and little brother will be sharing a room soon, I think we need to change her room around too … to make it a little more gender-neutral.

But we need to do it on the cheap. So I’ve been investigating thrifty ways to update the rooms. I like the idea of using our computer and decent card stock to print off quirky and cute sayings. Frames can be purchased for little to no money … and then they can just be spray painted whatever color you need.

And I like making crafty little things, so a little banner such as this one would be cute, too … maybe I could do one for each side of their room.

Since Finn will be in the crib and Ella’s not yet ready for what she calls a “big girl bed” (meaning it’s up off the floor more than six inches or so), I’ve been investigating using an old shipping pallet for a bed base.

And though I absolutely LOVE this pallet bed, I’m not sure how Ella would feel about being quite so high off the ground. But something like thisnot on casters, might be just perfect.

At any rate, I’ll let you know how it goes. And how we fare in terms of price. In the meantime, feel free to point me in the direction of any “thrifty” bedroom ideas you might have!!

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