The Infantino Squeeze Station: Worth It?

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The Infantino Squeeze Station: Worth It?

Pouched baby food seems to be all the rage.

Portable. Fun for the kids.

And expensive. Really, really expensive. We finally had to cut the cord with them, even though Ella loved them. And she still does. Now they’re a once-in-a-while treat when we hit up the Starbucks drive-thru.

But soon enough we’ll be heading into that territory again. And on top of it, we just had a really scary potty issue with Ella … one that involved not only a massive bought of constipation, but also a partially prolapsed rectal wall. Eew. I know. Yuck, right?

The kid eats tons of fruits and veggies, but there are some (like prunes, for example) that I just can’t get her to eat out of the bag, but I know she’ll eat them pureed in one of those pouches. Which leads me to this post.

When I was at Target this weekend, I spied the Infantino Squeeze Station … the point is that you can make your own baby food and then put it in these pouches using the “squeeze station.”

The product gets great reviews from parents who have used it, but I do have one concern.

The pouches aren’t supposed to be reused. So, a box of 50 pouches is $17 at Target … which breaks down to a little more than $0.30/pouch. Far less than the price you’d pay for the commercially-made stuff, but no more environmentally friendly.

However, I do wonder if you could use a different type of pouch with them … one that could be reused. Of course, then why would you buy this system, right? If you could just buy reusable pouches that were potentially not as tough to fill.

Hmm … the system is $25 and includes 10 pouches with it. Even if the pouches aren’t super environmentally friendly, surely the cost benefit must be worth something … yes?

What are your thoughts? Have you used some form of baby food pouch that was NOT commercially made? Which ones did you use? Or, if you purchased this system, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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