The BFFL Mommy/Delivery Bag

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The BFFL Mommy/Delivery Bag

Back in early December, I wrote about the Push Pack and questioned whether or not it was worth buying.

In fact, in my review I said I thought it would make an excellent shower gift, but I wasn’t sure I’d actually purchase it for myself. Then I asked for reader opinions.

The overwhelming consensus was that the Push Pack was, indeed, worth it.

So with that in mind, I thought it might be nice to review another product of a similar nature because we all love to have options, right?

The BFFL Mommy/Delivery bag takes things one step further. Not only does this include things like nursing pads and toiletries, it also has flip-flops for that first shower, perineal ice packs with hygienic sleeves, a wound/incision care pack, an expandable folder for important papers, and other stuff like an amusement pack and a washable, foldable water bottle.

And it’s all packaged in a striped duffle bag made of stain-resistant pack cloth.

Now, with all the extra goodies comes an extra price tag, too. This bag comes in at $120.

Interestingly, while I questioned whether I would buy the Push Pack for myself, I know for sure I would splurge on this bag. I think it’s because I like the idea of the reusable duffle (which would be great for overnight trips after the baby is born) as well as the Axilla–Pilla which provides support during recovery and nursing.

Plus, 15% of the net profit from the purchase is donated to the Harvard School of Public Health Women’s and Health Initiative.

So again, I ask for your opinion. Have you either purchased or received the BFFL Mommy/Delivery bag? What did you think about it? It’s important to note that they have a host of other bags as well, primarily focused on comfort for patients with cancer.

photo credit: BFFL Co.

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