The Best Baby Books Are the Ones You Use

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The Best Baby Books Are the Ones You Use

I received a baby book as a shower gift. I had always thought of a baby book as something you keep for about a year, but the Carter’s Keepsake Memory Book tracks pregnancy, baby milestones and goes on to record the baby’s first 5 years.

I liked it because it prompted me to record events and milestones, and provided room to jot down little stories I might otherwise forget over time. It was easy to follow and I knew someday my daughter would treasure it. It recorded everything from birth weight, family tree, and homecoming, to cutting teeth, and the first day of school.

When my son came along, I wanted the same baby book for him and coughed up the money to buy it. I started to record his milestones, and then one day I found my daughter with her brother’s baby book and a pen. She decided to scribble on some of the little pictures decorating the pages.

I was furious that she ruined her brother’s baby book. Once I cooled down, I thought about buying a replacement, which meant I’d have to re-write everything I had already recorded.

After a few weeks passed, I still hadn’t bought a new book. I looked through my son’s baby book again and I realized my daughter hadn’t “scribbled.” In her own way she was coloring the little pictures with the pen. The artwork was deliberate and focused.

I decided to keep the baby book with my daughter’s contributions. They made it all the more special.

When choosing a keepsake book like this, the best baby books are the ones you will actually use. For me the Carter’s Keepsake baby book was a perfect choice.

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