Teen Girl Dresses Like Doll and Her Mom Leaves Her to the Perverts

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Teen Girl Dresses Like Doll and Her Mom Leaves Her to the Perverts

Moms, this topic falls most definitely under the don’t be this parent heading.

There is a 15-year-old London based teenager, Venus Palermo, who has taken her obsession with ball-jointed dolls to a new level and turned herself into a viral video star, giving tutorials on how you too can become a living ball-jointed doll.

All you need is over-sized pupil contacts, plastic-sheen-effect powder and pure white eye shadow, and based on the fact that she has 5 million viewers and the legions of lookalike fans on her Facebook page, I’d say people are just as obsessed with her as she is with BJDs.

Palermo and her mother are both obsessed with the Japanese culture, country and modern ball-jointed dolls. Most adults don’t take Palermo’s obsession lightly, though her mom seems to support her and encourage the behavior by serving as host of the Q &A chats between her teen daughter and her fans, whom she refers to as “lovers”.

Apparently, there is not much that causes the elder Ms.Palermo to intervene. She once hosted a Q & A in which her daughter had an uncomfortable conversation with a 24-year-old “fan” who professed his love for the young girl and then belittled her.

It took Venus pulling her mom into frame to intervene at all. I wonder where Venus’ dad is in all of this? Most dads I know would put their foot down.

Palermo’s videos have been labeled “bizarre” and “disturbing” in the media. She is beautiful and spritely and seems really naive.

She looks so much like the Modern Asian ball-joint dolls that it has become a concern that the perverts of the world will see her as the evolutionary sexual step up from owning the increasingly more life-like line of human-sized, physically mature dolls recently released for the kind of consumer who has more than playing baby on his mind.

And still, her mom does not step in and shut this all down.

I’d say her mom is the modern day version of what we used to call a stage mom, willing to do and risk everything, even watch her child be molested on the social media casting couch, so long as her daughter gets the fame they both so much crave.

Personally, I think the girl needs a new hobby. I think she really doesn’t know what she has gotten herself into. She may see it innocently enough but her mother should know better.

How long will it be before some lunatic who feels dejected by the little living modern ball-joint doll decides that if he can’t have her, no one can? It’s not that hard to find someone, and how will her mother feel when that same crazed monster takes her daughter to make some sick sexual fantasy come to life?

I have daughters, and we strictly regulate all electronics. There is no Facebook, YouTube or Twitter or emails. They are not allowed digital cameras or phones. Everything is under parental lock and key.

Sure, we want to support our kids’ dreams, but there are limitations. If there is any chance that I could be putting my child in harm’s way, that dream has to go.

For example, my girls both dance ballet and I made the decision when they started, if I ever heard or it was sideways suggested that they needed to lose weight, we will quit. The end.

Because my job is to help my children reach their dreams, but more importantly, my job is to protect them and to keep them safe. Venus Palermo’s mom is failing her daughter miserably.

What do you think of this child pretending to be a doll on YouTube and worse, her mother not only allowing it, but helping her, and in the process putting her in harm’s way and in the cross-hairs of the perverts of the world?

Photo Source: Venus Angelic Youtube Channel

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    I honestly think the writer of that article is just as bad of a parent as Margaret ( I don’t let my kids get on facebook because they need to become sheltered close minded little douchers like me).