Teacher Loses Her Temper & Loses Her Job

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Teacher Loses Her Temper & Loses Her Job

Do you believe in corporal punishment at school? Do you believe in spanking at home? I think we can all agree that there is a definite difference between tapping a preschooler on the bum for not listening and beating a child. Some people think it’s okay in moderation, like chocolate or alcohol.

Me, I don’t spank because I know there is a very fine line between abuse and a tap. A slight change of circumstances or mood and a tap can turn into too much. So I don’t spank and no way do I allow anyone else to put their hands on my children. It’s just not going to happen.

Thank God my kids don’t go to school in China or I would probably end up behind bars. Earlier this week, Li Zhuqing, a teacher at the Sky Montessori School in China was caught on closed-circuit television slapping, pushing, kicking, verbally assaulting and shoving several kindergarten-aged children for more than 10 straight minutes.

Two little girls are shown being repeatedly slapped, one over 70 times, in the face while a boy is seen being slapped and then shoved. Are you freaking out yet?

This has me livid. They obviously had closed-circuit television on the classroom, yet she was not arrested until a parent reported her. What the hell were her employers doing? Using it as entertainment? Was it their version of UFC but with unsuspecting children and a deranged teacher.

One has to wonder if this woman is not mentally ill. Who in their right mind can inflict such abuse on such small children with no remorse? A monster, that is who.

On Tuesday, police in the city of Taiyuan detained the teacher after parents complained about alleged physical abuse. Their children had been coming home from school with bruises and telling them that their teacher was beating the crap out of them.

I know standards are different in different parts of the world, but beating 5-year-olds for not knowing addition facts is never okay. Not ever.

Li Zhuqing was detained while the Chinese police are waiting to charge her. Meanwhile, it was determined that the Montessori school was unlicensed and has been shut down.

As the mother of a kindergartner, I know little kids can be trying. What with all the not listening, asking the same question 37 times in a 2 minute time frame and the general affects of selective hearing.

Sometimes it can feel stressful being in the same room with them, but that’s when you walk away. Count to ten and get the hell out of dodge because if you don’t things could escalate and you could lose your ever loving mind, like this crazy broad.

As the mother of a kindergartner  I also know just how tiny and vulnerable these children are, and if I were to ever find out that a teacher laid a hand on my child, never mind see video of her slapping my child repeatedly, she’d be begging for detainment to keep her safe from me.

I’d even pay the bail just to get her alone long enough to give her a little taste of what she gave my baby.  This woman is mentally challenged and definitely needs to be locked up , far, far away from the children of the world.

What would you do if you saw video of a teacher slapping your child?

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  • http://32in32.com/ Pauline Hawkins

    Horrifying! As a teacher I can’t imagine how someone like that even became a teacher.