Teach Your Kids About Their Relatives with a Magnetic Family Tree Set

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Teach Your Kids About Their Relatives with a Magnetic Family Tree Set

If you’re in need of some cool refrigerator magnets to replace all those free magnetic business cards you’ve collected from local companies, check out this family tree magnetic frame set. This is a set of artfully designed magnets that lets you construct a family tree on the side of your fridge.

The set includes 15 frames, 45 connectors, and a dry-erase marker for labeling who is shown in in each frame. Cut photos of family members to fit the frames, then create your own magnetic family tree on your refrigerator door.

Aside from being a fun way to decorate your refrigerator, this would be a great way to help your children learn how to identify family members they don’t see very often and to make it easier for them to understand how everyone is related.

My husband and I both live near most of our relatives, but it’s still hard for my son to make connections like “Emma is my cousin because Uncle Corey is Dad’s brother.” He also has a little trouble with how step-relatives fit into the whole picture.

Another fun use for this magnet set would be creating a game at a family reunion. You could put out baby pictures of all of your family members and challenge guests to see who can accurately identify the people in the photos by creating a family tree.

You can purchase the family tree magnetic frame set on the Perpetual Kid website for $12.99. Perpetual Kid is one of my favorite places to look for fun and unique gift ideas.

What do you think? Would you buy one of these photo frame kits for your home?

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